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Our mission is to train, support and prepare caregivers to provide the level of care everyone deserves. To that end, we offer our guiding principles and values that are the foundation of a community envisioning a brighter future for the caregivers and all the patients, employers and families that are the stakeholders of our industry.

Caregivers Break the Mold Everyday
Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes, ages and colors, some experienced while others, often family, are pressed into unexpected service and learning on the fly, hoping it’s enough. There are more than 4 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States alone, and we stand with them during times that test them emotionally and financially. Our goal is to help and support them.
Today’s professional caregivers may be trained nurses or certified nursing assistants, often retired patient and healthcare technicians, but educational level varies. Specialties driven by epidemics like Alzheimer’s have created new categories and types of facilities. The mission remains serving people in need, with the all too common denominator of working 12 hours a day doing the best they can.

Today’s Caregivers Know Sacrifice
The profession doesn’t have big benefits, perks, and career entitlements. There is often no financial security, services are as-needed when needed, no FMLA and spotty mental health services access is the rule, rather than the exception. Systems are overwhelmed, training is inadequate, and too many agencies emphasize profit in attempting to survive to fight another day. We can and must do better.
We support stricter and more effective monitoring tools to ensure agencies are accountable to their mission, adhere to best practices, committed to training and continuing educations that ensures that their caregivers have the tools they need to perform their work at the highest level. We must all refuse to settle and aspire to a higher standard of skills, training, ethics and personal conduct.

Raising the Bar Requires Our Support
The best care starts at home and to deliver the best, we need the best people. That sounds simple enough, but those caregivers require emotional support and professional respect that recognizes that they’re often putting their own lives on hold, and even compromising their personal health, as they serve as unofficial psychologist, psychiatrist, cook, bottle-washer and even gardener.
We must do everything we can to prevent caregivers from being abused by the system, and it starts by creating a community and platform that values and supports them. They deserve recognition, respect, and support from their employers and healthcare professionals. The mission of The Global Caregiver is to enlist the support of those depending upon them. We really are in it together.

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