Maintaining Work/Life Balance as a Caregiver

Maintaining Work/Life Balance as a Caregiver

Commitments are a part of daily life. We have commitments to family, to friends and to our jobs. 

While it’s easy enough to sort these out when it’s you alone you have to care for, the situation changes when you take on the responsibility of caregiving.

Caregiving can be challenging if you are undecided on how to balance your work and life. The responsibilities and time caregivers have varies; one in five caregivers says that they provide care on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for new caregivers to stop taking care of themselves, which results in stress, and affects their loved ones too.

To help you achieve substantial work/life balance, here are a few helpful suggestions:

Speak with your HR manager at work

Most workplaces allow employees to take time off for caregiving duties. Have a meeting with your employer to work out an action plan, one that benefits both sides of your life—the professional one and the caregiving one.

Call a family meeting

It’s important that every member of the family pitches in to take care of a loved one. A family meeting is a great way to sort out responsibilities, and to avoid any resentment from arising amongst family members.

Make time to reenergize yourself

As mentioned, caregivers can often face a burn-out. As a caregiver, you may be placing yourself at the bottom of the list of receiving attention. Caring for yourself is imperative in caring for others, as the only way you can support a loved one is if you are recharged and revitalized to do so.

Get necessary medical attention

If you ever find yourself dwindling down in terms of work performance or help, don’t hesitate to seek out prompt medical attention. Caregiving can be physically and emotionally draining; stress and anxiety can sneak up on you. Visit a doctor if you discover changes in your sleep patterns, mood, dietary habits and energy levels.

Turn to additional resources

You are not expected to be an expert at all thing caregiving, no caregiver is. It’s the human factor of this journey; caregiving involves the needs, preferences and emotions of your own and your loved one. Seek out extra help to learn how to navigate caregiving.

As global experts in caregiver consultation & counseling, The Global Caregiver offers sound guidance to family members and professional caregivers. Reach out to us, or attend one of our caregiver seminars for help.

In the meantime, know that you are not alone; there are millions of caregivers around the world, struggling as well as excelling at providing comfort to those dependent on them. Recognize your commitment, and that you can need timely support to balance work and life.