Confidence, Support, Accountability, Encouragement…
A reminder that they make a difference in the world!

The Global Caregiver offers career counseling for individuals considering a career in human services. Caregivers will be some of the most sought-after workers in this century due to the vast increase in aging populations, Alzheimer’s, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, homelessness, and shorter hospital stays.
Caregivers will need a blend of high-level skills, confidence, creativity, flexibility, and maturity when delivering care to people in their homes.

Career counseling for Caregivers by the Global Caregiver, Beverly Shingu Omba


We provide one-on-one caregiver consultation services in private residences, home-care agencies, and caregiving facilities. Because you may experience a variety of situations in your particular setting, we offer a broad range of caregiver coaching and guidance to work on building caregiver confidence.

• For caregivers whose culture or language is different than their client’s, we explain to you how to report inappropriate advances or suspicions of abuse by a client’s family or other caregivers.
• Are you shy but consider yourself a good caregiver?
We help you develop the confidence and skills that allow you to demonstrate to clients and employers that you can be a dynamic employee.

Caregivers are sometimes first responders when the decision to care for someone at home is made. The caregiver is the glue that holds the circle of care intact under most circumstances. They must feel like a valued member of the team and be able to express concerns, give input, and liaise with other members of the care team, whether they are a family member, social worker, advanced practical nurse, pharmacist, or even a neighbor dropping in with cookies.

There is an old adage: If you really want to know what’s going on, ask the caregiver.