Caregiver Confidence Seminars

“The Beverley Method”Corporate Seminar

The Beverley Method is a strict code of ethics with a 6-step approach, which has been taught and demonstrated since 2002 in a series of empowering and inspirational caregiver seminars.

   The Global Caregiver’s 6-Steps Include
Ethics           Integrity
Dependability     Flexibility
Creativity              Maturity



        A Beverley Method inspired caregiver is equipped with an array of high-level skills and competencies and is able to demonstrate impeccable customer service, enabling the client to enhance and improve their quality of life. Our care management seminars are the ideal way to acquire the skills needed.


We believe that caregivers need impeccable skills, competency, and also a sense of humor. The Beverley Method was born out of our desire to meet, greet, inspire, learn, and grow from caregivers around the world. Our goal is to build partnerships and forge bonds that develop into lifelong friendships. Additionally, we seek to keep abreast of the ever-changing delivery of home care.