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Caring for the Caregivers We All Depend Upon.

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Beverley is the
Caregiver to Caregivers.

Training and support to inspire
The Global Caregiver’s was founded to meet the growing need for highly-skilled caregivers in the years to come. As a veteran of human services for nearly three decades, I look at caregivers through an honest but hopeful lens. I do what I do for the love of it. What follows is why I do it the way I do it and comes from my heart.

Dedication to Finding a Better Way
Most of my professional life has centered around caregiving as a mental health, gerontology and hospice nurse in a wide variety of settings – both private and institutional. My experience includes expertise in end of life care, gerontology, Alzheimer’s, developmental disabilities, forensics and more. I’ve seen a lot, learned a lot, and recognized an urgency to find a better way and share it.
I Could See it Because I’ve Lived It
An intimate, first-hand view revealed the disconnect between caregivers and not just their clients, but the institutions and families retaining them. I saw a caregiving need that grows exponentially bigger by the day with no signs of slowing. Happily, I also saw people that inspired me with their commitment to serve others, but overwhelmed, sadly neglected themselves.
Supporting Each Other Helps Us All
Raised and educated in the United Kingdom, I’ve lived, studied and worked around the world, and currently reside in California. I’ve learned important lessons transcending borders. Our differences are dwarfed by the human qualities that bind us together; warmth and a healthy sense of humor are welcomed everywhere by most everyone, and by supporting each other, we’re all stronger for it.
Enhanced Training and Education
As a registered mental health nurse and a nationally certified Psychiatric Technician, I’ve acquired California caregiver training certification with a fierce determination to share it with others. My goal is to create The Global Caregiver, a platform to bring us together, working with people of different cultures around the world to solve the challenges of the profession we share and love.
Service at the Heart of Our Mission
We’ve created a resource-rich platform that connects The Global Caregiver Community. While the work we do is often performed alone, community bringing us together means we’re never all alone. Together, we’ll raise the caregiving profession in the hearts and minds of those that care for others and raise it in the eyes of the families and stakeholders that depends upon us. A win-win-win.
A Vision of a Brighter Future for All
By taking pride in ourselves and what we do, caregivers worldwide can build upon their unique strengths, share resources, and inspire compassion in each other with a renewed sense of optimism and hope for the future. This positions us to enjoy the fruits of life’s greatest reward, creating real value in life by making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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