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Greetings and welcome to the global Caregiver forum. This is a platform created by a Caregiver for Caregivers and about Caregivers and the individuals they serve . I am relentless in my quest to educate, inspire and support caregivers locally and globally.I remain fully committed to empowering caregivers to grow into their full potential so if you agree with me then I encourage you to join me in this very important dialogue .My name is Beverley, and I am a caregiver. This forum is created by a Caregiver about Caregivers and for Caregivers worldwide.

young woman in blue shirt holding older man in pink collar button down from behind, happy isolated indoors home backgroundAre you  a Caregiver?

Do you provide care and companionship to others so they could remain in the comfort of their homes and live full independent and dignified lives? THEN YOU’RE A CAREGIVER!

Let me begin by thanking you first and foremost for your courage,  tenacity ,resilience and  Integrity providing excellent high quality care and companionship to individuals in your communities locally and globally. It is indeed a great pleasure and excitement to meet each and everyone of you. Although there are numerous articles and books written about caregivers and caregiving they are mostly  written by  self proclaimed experts who have never experienced a day as a caregiver.Many advanced practice professionals and caregiving business companies have much to say about this subject but not enough have included honest views and sentiments from actual caregivers. This is going to be a very different conversation and here’s why! I am a caregiver and felt this conversation should be narrated from active and retired caregivers. After approximately 1100 indepth interviews  working alongside and educating caregivers in two continents, I bring a wealth of experiences and first hand knowledge to this issue. I invite caregiver agencies, caregiving facilities ,nursing homes, Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities,hospitals and other Healthcare Professionals in and around this huge and most silent industry to join me for a long-overdue and bold conversation. This would be a place where caregivers are given a platform to come out of the woodwork and  share your stories good bad or indifferent so that together we can create a vibrant online community.We can affect change both for the caregiver and for the caregiver recipient. I have hope that the United States and other developed nations including those that do not have adequate resources would begin to value, respect, recognize and support caregivers for the value they add to the communities they serve

If you share my passion, kindly visit me at www.the global

Come on, let’s talk, I’m so excited to meet everyone of you.